Running bro

Sup bro. Bro do you even run? Bro do you even read the book of running?

You better run bro, if not then the guys in the video are gonna go get you. You hear what I say bro? You don’t want to get you. Cause they will get you… medically approved. BRAH!

If you do run, you can hang out with me and all the bros at We do bro runs you know. That is basically when we run, and we are bro’s. Then again, we are a really serious community of highly dedicated runners. We run everything from the 800m to the marathon, and we run it maybe a little bit above average. We develop our aerobic and anaerobic capacities the the max. And that is not RSD Max, but I mean like, you know what I mean like, like maximum. Like a local maximum. Like a nice little derivative of a curvy bad little function.

We also study biomechanics┬áin order to maximize our running technique. To read a review of where we learn technique, click here. It’s gonna give you the perfect running form bro.

Our favorite part of town is the off season though. Our 800m runners definitely know how to seas it off if you know what I mean. You can read everything we know about 800m training here.

Be a bro and become a bro today bro. BRAH!

And that’s all I have to say about that.